What We Do

Membership Meetings

The Foundation holds two memberships meetings a year, usually in the spring and fall.  Generally, we have one at our headquarters on the beautiful Withlacoochee River near Dade City, and the other at an historic site, park, or museum somewhere in Florida. Past venues have been a boat trip to Camp Izard, a reenactment of the Fort Dade Capitulation, visits to the Seminole War Memorial at the National Cemetery and St. Francis Barracks in St. Augustine, Tampa Bay History Center, Fort Foster, and Dade Battlefield. Meetings are a good opportunity to make contacts and ask questions, which can open up all sorts of unexpected possibilities. If you are interested in learning about the Seminole Wars, please join us.

Student Research Award

One of the missions of the Seminole Wars Foundation is the collection and dissemination of scholarship related to these long and desperate conflicts. To help achieve these goals, the Foundation is pleased to announce the institution of a Student Research Award. The award will be open to students of all ages and will consist of a monetary prize and possible publication by the Foundation. Submitted works must be a minimum of 3,000 words and contain original research. The amount awarded will be determined by the quality of the work, its originality, and its importance to Seminole Wars scholarship. Click Here for full details.


The Foundation is a leading publisher of works related to the Seminole Wars. Our books include reprints of important out-of-print books, original works by Foundation members, and volumes based on diaries and letters of people who served in the wars. Our Pamphlet Series covers subjects that are noteworthy but not book-length in nature, and include booklets aimed at a general audience and also at serious scholars.


The Seminole Wars spanned a forty year period and covered the entire state, from Pensacola to the Keys. During that period, hundreds of forts and camps were built by the army and numerous battles were fought. Few of these sites remain, having fallen victim to development and agricultural use. The Foundation came into being in 1992 to preserve the Camp Izard Battlefield near the Withlacoochee River. Through our efforts, the site is now part of the Halpata Tastanaki Preserve, managed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Another important site from the Second Seminole war is Fort Dade, also along the Withlacoochee River, north of Dade City. When it was discovered that a significant portion of the site was for sale and subject to development, the Foundation stepped forward and purchased the property, preventing its destruction and preserving it for future study.

One of the most significant sites associated with the Seminole Wars is Fort King, home to the Indian Agency that gave birth to the city of Ocala. The site had long been a private residence, but came up for sale within the past decade. Members of the Foundation worked closely with city and county government to help arrange a purchase of the property, which will soon become a local park.

Archaeological Studies

Although many Seminole War era sites have disappeared due to development, there are also a large number of sites that are on public or agricultural land and are still available for archaeological study. Working closely with Gulf Archaeology Research Institute, Inc. the Foundation has helped fund and members have participated in excavations at Camp Izard, Fort Dade, Fort King, and forts located near the town of Micanopy.

In addition, the exact location of many places where short lived camps or forts existed or where smaller battles were fought have been lost to common knowledge. The Foundation acts as a clearinghouse for information on these sites, helping to precisely pinpoint their locations, so that future excavations can take place.

Public Outreach

One of the Seminole War Foundation’s primary missions is to educate the public about these tragic conflicts. To that end, Foundation members give talks to civic groups and at schools, participate in battle reenactments, and network with other organizations interested in Florida’s past, Native American history, and military history. If your group would like to learn more about the Seminole Wars, please contact us.