Recommended Reading

We have compiled a list of books that we recommend to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Seminole Wars. The books below were not published by us, but we love them, and we hope that you will, too!

We also encourage you to check out the Foundation’s list of published books, which you can view in our store by clicking here.


  • Aristocrat in Uniform: General Duncan L. Clinch by Rembert Patrick

  • Amidst a Storm of Bullets: The Diary of Lt. Henry Prince in Florida 1836-1842, Edited by Frank Laumer, 1998

  • The Army is My Calling: The Life and Writings of Maj. John Rogers Vinton by John and Mary Lou Missall, 2017

  • The Black Seminoles by Kenneth W. Porter, 1996

  • Cracker Times and Pioneer Lives, Edited by James Denham and Canter Brown, Jr., 2000

  • Dade’s Last Command, by Frank Laumer, 1995

  • Echoes From a Distant Frontier: The Brown Sisters’ Correspondence From Antebellum Florida, Edited by James Denham and Keith L. Honeycutt, 2004

  • The Enduring Seminoles, by Patsy West, 1998

  • The Exiles of Florida, by Joshua R. Giddings, 1858 (Reprint 1997)

  • Florida’s Seminole Wars 1817-1858, by Joe Knetsch, 2003

  • The Florida War, by John T. Sprague, Edited by John Mahon, 1847 (Reprint 2000)

  • Guns Across the Loxahatchee, by Richard Procyk, 1997

  • History of the Second Seminole War, 1835-1842, by John K. Mahon, 1967

  • Journey into Wilderness: The Journal of Jacob Motte, by James F. Sunderman, 1963 (Reprint 1989, Out of Print: Few copies available

  • Letters from the Frontier, by Maj. Gen. George A. McCall, 1868 (Reprint 2010)

  • Like Beads on a String, by Brent Richards Weisman, 1989

  • Maligned General: A Biography of Gen. Thomas Jesup, by Chester L. Kieffer, 1979, Out of Print: Limited copies available

  • Massacre! by Frank Laumer, 1968

  • Notices of Florida, by M. Cohen (1836)

  • Osceola’s Legacy, by Patricia R. Wickman, 1991

  • The Other War of 1812: The Patriot War and the American Invasion of Spanish Florida, by James G. Cusick, 2003

  • Red Patriots: The Story of the Seminoles, by Charles H. Coe

  • Reminiscences of the Second Seminole War, by John Bemrose, Edited by John Mahon, 1966 (Reprint 2001)

  • Richard K. Call: Southern Unionist, by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.

  • The Seminoles, by Edwin C. McReynolds, 1954

  • The Seminoles of Florida, by James W. Covington, 1993

  • The Seminole Wars: America’s Longest Indian Conflict, by John and Mary Lou Missall, 2004

  • Swamp Sailors: The U.S. Navy in the Second Seminole War, by George E. Buker, 1975

  • The Territory of Florida, by John Lee Williams

  • This Miserable Pride of a Soldier: The Letters and Journals of Col. William S. Foster in the Second Seminole War, 1836-1839, edited by John and Mary Lou Missall, 2005

  • Unconquered People, by Brent R. Weisman, 1999

  • Fort Mellon, 1837-42, by Arthur E. Francke, Jr., 1977

  • The Florida Wars, by Virginia Bergman Peters, 1979

  • Edmund P. Gaines: Frontier General, by James W. Silver, 1949

  • The Billy Bowlegs War, 1855-1858, by James W. Covington, 1982


  • Nobody’s Hero: A Novel of the Dade Battle by Frank Laumer, 2009

  • Hollow Victory: A Novel of the Second Seminole War, By John and Mary Lou Missall, 2010

  • Elizabeth’s War: A Novel of the First Seminole War, by John and Mary Lou Missall, 2015