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The Foundation’s Pamphlet Series covers a wide range of topics of interest to students of the Seminole Wars. They are available in print at a cost of $3.00 each, or $2.00 each in quantities of 10 or more.

Most are also available for instant download here (free). To download a PDF copy of our pamphlets, click on the title of each publication below.


Foundation Pamphlet Series

Convocation of Seminole War Historians Special Report
August 2017


Short History of the Seminole Wars

John and Mary Lou Missall


An Army Moves On Its Stomach

Jerry Morris


English / Seminole Vocabulary

Compiled and Edited by Debra Kay Harper


In Their Own Words: Selected Seminole “Talks” 1817-1842

John and Mary Lou Missall


Index of Seminole War Articles in the Florida Historical Quarterly 1908-2008

John and Mary Lou Missall


Memoir to Accompany Map of Military Operations in Florida

Thomas B. Linnard, Edited by Frank Laumer


The Life of Luis Fatio Pacheco

Alcione Amos